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Baby Shower Letter Fun


Our Aunt who held Sister C's baby shower has a great bar that was just screaming for me to decorate it. (Side note – the bar was actually made by the sisters³ dad and Sister C for her wedding).

I bought paper mâché letters at JoAnne's and Modge Podged them with scrapbook paper. You could also use wood letters. I was able to find all of the letters I needed except the “R”. Luckily there was a “P” and “T” available so I cut part of the “T” and glued it to the “P”. I did this before I added the scrapbook paper.

After the Modge Podge, I used a craft knife to remove the excess paper. If I had to do it again, I would have bought a craft knife where the blade swivels to make the round cuts easier, such as this. The last step was to spray on Krylon acrylic spray to provide a seal and take any stickiness away.

I used UGlu to attach the letters to the bar. UGlu is so wonderful that we were able to take the letters off with no damage to the bar. Because the letters were paper mâché, the UGlu took a little bit off the back, but nothing major enough to damage the letter.