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Pin the Mustache on the Baby


The Rules of the Game are quite simple – Pin the Mustache on the Baby!

With inspiration from a variety of mustaches (and Bridget Heos' 'Mustache Baby' hardcover book), Sister- K transformed this classic game to fit a Baby Shower for a little boy.

Guests were able to choose their favorite mustache (while writing their name on it), and take a turn while being blindfolded – Closest to the pin wins!


The Cartoon Baby was drawn onto a piece of white poster board, whereas the Mustaches were cut out of blue scrapbook paper. We used UGlu to hang the poster board to the outside of the house and for the back of the mustaches. No damage to the siding when you use UGlu!

Once finished, each guest was able to write a special message to the baby inside the book 'Mustache Baby'. The book was imprinted with this Rubber Stamp.



Baby Shower Letter Fun


Our Aunt who held Sister C's baby shower has a great bar that was just screaming for me to decorate it. (Side note – the bar was actually made by the sisters³ dad and Sister C for her wedding).

I bought paper mâché letters at JoAnne's and Modge Podged them with scrapbook paper. You could also use wood letters. I was able to find all of the letters I needed except the “R”. Luckily there was a “P” and “T” available so I cut part of the “T” and glued it to the “P”. I did this before I added the scrapbook paper.

After the Modge Podge, I used a craft knife to remove the excess paper. If I had to do it again, I would have bought a craft knife where the blade swivels to make the round cuts easier, such as this. The last step was to spray on Krylon acrylic spray to provide a seal and take any stickiness away.

I used UGlu to attach the letters to the bar. UGlu is so wonderful that we were able to take the letters off with no damage to the bar. Because the letters were paper mâché, the UGlu took a little bit off the back, but nothing major enough to damage the letter.


Go Blue!


In celebration of the start of football season, I am sharing a pic of my University of Michigan DIY gumball machine. I got the original idea from other pins on Pinterest, but customized it for the Wolverine fan in me. Both Sister-K and I went to U of M, so the love of maize and blue is heavy in our family.

To make this craft, I painted a standard terra cota flower pot and base. The faux gumball slot was made with an unfinished wooden doll pin. I used an unfinished wood dowel cap for the handle. The glass bowl is just a basic bowl that can be found next to flower pots in craft stores.

I used basic craft paint for all 3 colors, and afterwards, I Mod-Podged a Michigan sticker on it.  Next I sprayed it with Krylon Acrylic spray paint to give the paint a sealer. To attach the glass bowl, wooden doll pin, and dowel cap, I used my favorite glue – e6000. I tend to put too much glue on things but with e6000, you can rub or scrape off excess pretty easily after 15-30 minutes. My tool of choice? A pair of tweezers separated in half (a tool that actually comes in handy more than you know). The last step was to add some small clear bumpers inside the lid so it didn’t hit the glass hard.

Baby Block & Library Card Placeholders


Baby block placeholders were a cute way to hold library cards that listed descriptions about the food, tables, games, and anything else going on at the baby shower. Putting the shower together was a family affair so I (Sister-J) also used the cards to identify which family member did what.

The baby blocks were pretty easy to make – I made a total of 27 so it was more time consuming than anything! I just got unfinished wood blocks from Michaels (Joann’s didn’t have the size I wanted) and Modge Podged scrapbook paper squares on each side. Before I added the paper I hand sanded the corners of the blocks. It goes pretty fast if you have a sanding sponge in a holder. I used a square paper punch to get perfect squares every time. To keep with the children’s book theme, I also put some Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle stickers on them and did another layer of Modge Podge. The final step for the block was to spray on a coat of Clear Acrylic Spray (my preference is Matte). The spray takes away any stickiness from the Modge Podge and adds a non-toxic coating.

The blocks themselves can be used as a gift or decor. To turn it into a placeholder, I put 1 Scotch Clear Mounting Square on each block and attached a basic clothespin. I choose the mounting square because it is lightweight and rubs off easy to save the block.

One lesson learned was to NOT put the mounting square on sides with the stickers. I had a few oops where the stickers came partly off when removing the mounting square.


Products used:

Fiskars Square Squeeze Punch XL

Sanding Sponge w/ Holder

Mounting Squares

Acrylic Spray

Blank Library Cards (Multi-Colored)

Idea used:

Dr. Seuss Photo Booth Rhyme