Go Blue!


In celebration of the start of football season, I am sharing a pic of my University of Michigan DIY gumball machine. I got the original idea from other pins on Pinterest, but customized it for the Wolverine fan in me. Both Sister-K and I went to U of M, so the love of maize and blue is heavy in our family.

To make this craft, I painted a standard terra cota flower pot and base. The faux gumball slot was made with an unfinished wooden doll pin. I used an unfinished wood dowel cap for the handle. The glass bowl is just a basic bowl that can be found next to flower pots in craft stores.

I used basic craft paint for all 3 colors, and afterwards, I Mod-Podged a Michigan sticker on it.  Next I sprayed it with Krylon Acrylic spray paint to give the paint a sealer. To attach the glass bowl, wooden doll pin, and dowel cap, I used my favorite glue – e6000. I tend to put too much glue on things but with e6000, you can rub or scrape off excess pretty easily after 15-30 minutes. My tool of choice? A pair of tweezers separated in half (a tool that actually comes in handy more than you know). The last step was to add some small clear bumpers inside the lid so it didn’t hit the glass hard.


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